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americain bull dog pups - Price: $750-$1000 in North Adams, Massachusetts

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americain bull dog pups - Price: $750-$1000
Price: $700
Seller: kya
Date/Time:02 Dec, 10:39 a.m. EST
Type: Animals, For Sale - Private.

$700 USD
(6 available)American Bulldog Puppy's
North Adams, Massachusetts
Pets & Animals: Dogs & Puppies: American Bulldog
Ad xxxx699 placed 2 days ago by kia8justin (member since Nov 19, xxxx)
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SIR'S NAME IS KANE. DAME'S NAME IS HARLEY.she was privatley bread they are Americain bull dog Terriers, pure breads both parents on site. she's a house dog her puppies are very healthy. pups will have all shots , i'm trying to have them all spayd and nutared before they leave. there are 5 males one blue nose male , one female all white, they are healthy fat babies pups will beable to go between january 6th and the 9th.All pups will have contracts, information material,and a doggy goody bag with there baby blanket, photo album of mother,father,and baby pics,there special toy and food.Also vet certificate for health. There birthday is NOV,14TH xxxx. This will be the only litter of these amazing pups,Both parents are house raised around alot of children and people held and played with daily, Anyone interested can call to make an apt to see the pups, contracts for deposits will be available, and appointments to viset your pup before they are able to leave our home is availible with 48 hr notice, you can also name your puppy and we will make sure he or she knows her name and well on its way to being completly house trained by the time you pick he or she up. Males are 750 shots and possibly nutared , 1 female$800 shots and spayed possibley depending if we can find a vet to do them all in a timely manner before puppy pick up,The Blue Nose Male is $1,200 his coat is blue and white. ONLY GOOD HOMES THESE ARE PETS NOT INTENDED FOR ANYOTHER PURPOSE, these are champion pure bread blood lines the sir is a GA.DOG .We would like to keep intouch and would like pics to see how are babies and there new owners are doing, Harley is the mother her pregnancy was tex book it was her first breed she's the most amazing dog besides our other dogs, that ive ever sceen her mothering skills are amazing, these dogs are so smart and loyal there more like hairy humans hahah, you will be very happy with wich ever pup you choose, but they are going quick,we had 8 all together 2 females are spoken for, pics will be available more as they start to open there eyes and change into there own personalities.. Any USA SERVICE MEN & familys or USA vets get a $50.00 discount. will work with good families, we will do laYaway and other payments if need'd PLEASE CALL JUSTIN OR KYA,325-691-xxxx. OR YOU CAN LEAVE A MESSAGE AT,325-691-xxxx .Origin: The American Bulldog is a descendant of the English Bulldog, imported to the American South to catch livestock and protect plantations, and used in the North to fight off feral pigs. The English Bulldog (or simply ?Bulldog?) was bred in England in the xxxx?s for bull baiting, a popular gambling ?sport? in which one or more dogs were matched up against a chained bull (or bear). These dogs were bred for sheer fighting capacity, and they were famed for latching onto their prey with an iron jaw which they refused to release?they could even suffocate opponents this way. The American Bulldog is perhaps the most faithful strain to the English Bulldog as it was imported to America before the English Bulldog was crossed with the Pug during the Industrial Revolution. American Bulldogs are generally divided into two strains: the Classic American Bulldog, also known as the ?Johnson? (after its breeder) or ?Bully?, and the Standard American Bulldog, also known as the Scott (after its breeder) or ?Performance?.
Size: The American Bulldog is a bit faster and substantially larger than the French or English Bulldog at 50-71 cm (20 to 28 in) and 27-54 kg (60-120 lbs). The Johnson American Bulldog is the larger of the two strains. The American Bulldog?s face resembles a Pit Bull, but the muzzle is boxier and it typically has uncropped ears and a bulkier head. The American Bulldog is built strong and agile, with a large chest and legs, low-set tail, and stocky frame.
Coat: The American Bulldog has a short coat which is close and stiff to the touch. Most American Bulldogs are white with patches, but any color combination is acceptable except solid black or blue, or white with black and tan.
Character: The American Bulldog is powerful, confident, and agile. It is naturally alert, inquisitive and fearless. It has often been called heroic, and when deployed against an intruder it is nearly unstoppable. The American Bulldog is a highly obedient and confident breed.
Temperament: The American Bulldog is affectionate toward children if properly trained and socialized. It can be somewhat standoffish or aggressive around strangers. Because they were originally bred to bring down bulls and other livestock, American Bulldogs have a strong aggressive instinct with other animals. They should be properly socialized when young.
Care: When the American Bulldog is shedding, use a coarse comb to remove dead hairs. It is prone to hip dysplasia. The American Bulldog has a lifespan of 8-12 years. Most American Bulldogs cannot swim and are averse to hot weather.
Training: Consistency is important, but the American Bulldog is highly sensitive to the tone of its handler's voice, making training a fairly simple process. It is inquisitive and quick to learn simple tasks, yet unpredictable as it is a bit stubborn on occasion. Training should begin as early in the American Bulldog's life as possible. It retains what it learns for a very long time.
Activity: The American Bulldog is very energetic and needs lots of exercise. American Bulldogs enjoy long walks, jogging, playing catch, and agility or skills trials

State: Massachusetts  City: North Adams  Zip code: 01247 Category: Animals
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